Zimbabwe Open University Staff Profile

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Zimbabwe Open University Staff Profile

Zimbabwe Open University Staff – Zimbabwe Open University Staff Profile

Find Zimbabwe Open University Staff Profile below


Senior Lecturer – Department of Teacher Development

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Dr. L.B. Hadebe

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D.Phil in Business Administration (NUST), 
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (NUST), 
Med in Curriculum and Arts (UZ), 
Bed in Ndebele (UZ), Certificate in Education (UZ)
Mobile: +263 712 881 744
Email: lbhadebe@yahoo.co.uk

Lecturer- Department of Teacher Development

Mrs. S. Mukomana

Med Curriculum Studies (MSU), 
Bed Curriculum and Arts (UZ), 
Diploma in Education (UZ), 
Executive Certificate in HIV/AIDS Project Management (UZ)
Mobile: +263 772510019
Email:  smukomana@gmail.com

Senior Lecturer -Department of Media and Journalism Studies

Mr. J. Mpofu

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Med in Education (UK),
 BA. in General (UZ), 
Graduate Certificate in Education (UZ)
Mobile:  +263 772756694, 712742342
Email:     jkwaraimpofu@gmail.com

Lecturer – Department of Languages and Literature

Mr. N. Sibanda

MA In English (UZ), 
MSc In Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution (ZOU), 
BA Hons in English (UZ), Diploma in Education (UZ), 
Diploma in Ministry (Africa for Christ Bible College)
Mobile:  +263 712319572
Email: nhlanhlasib2001@yahoo.co.uk

Information/Records Clerk

Ms. D. Mpofu

(Faculty of Arts and Education)

BSc Hons in Counselling (ZOU)

Mobile: 0775176165

Email:  mpofuhd@gmail.com


Senior Lecturer – Departments of Disability Studies, Special Needs Education and Information Sciences

Mr. P. Sibanda

Med in Psychology (UZ), 
MSc in Special Education (ZOU),
 Diploma in Special Education (UZ),
 Certificate in Education (UZ), 
Training Management Diploma (IPMZ)
Mobile:  +263 772316078, 712280454
Email:     patricksibandac@gmail.com

Lecturer – Departments of Psychology and Counselling

Mr. P. P. Nkala

Med in Educational Administration,
 Planning and Policy Studies (ZOU), 
MSc Counselling(ZOU), 
BSc Counselling (ZOU), 
Certificate in Education (UZ)
Mobile:  +263 772610253
Email:  printahnkala@yahoo.com

Senior Lecturer – Departments of Development Studies &
Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Mr. T. Guzura

MCom in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies (UKZN), 
MA in Development Studies (MSU), 
BA Hons in History and Development Studies (MSU), 
Diploma in Education (UZ), 
Certificate in Security Sector Governance (WITS), 
Certificate in Peace Research (AU)
Mobile:  +263 773282626
Email:  waguzura@gmail.com

Teaching Assistant – Departments of Records and Archives Management and Library and Information Sciences

Mr. G. Ncube

BSc Hons Records and Archives Management (ZOU)
Email: gilbertncube6@gmail.com


Senior Lecturer – Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. N.M. Mawande

D.Phil in Science Education -Physics (USA), 
MSc. in Physics & Maths (USA), 
MA in Science Education-Physics (USA)
Mobile: +263 772600059
E-mail: drngozimawande@yahoo.com

Ms. F. Ndlovu

Masters in Business Administration (ZOU), 
MSc Nursing (University of Michigan), 
Bachelor of Adult Education (UZ), 
Diploma in Nursing Education (UZ)
Mobile:  +263 772308007
Email:    ndlovuflo@yahoo.co.uk

Lecturer – Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Mrs. S. N Magadza

MSc Environmental Management (London), 
BA Honours in Geography (Sussex), 
Post Graduate Certificate in Geography and Development Education (London)
Mobile: +263 712881738
Email: sianmagadza@gmail.com

Lecturer -Department of Geography and Environmental Studies)

Mrs. F. Madzimure

MA Environmental Policy and Planning (UZ), 
BA Hons in Geography (UZ)
Mobile:  +263 773234809
E-mail:  madzimurefarai@gmail.com

Senior Lecturer – Department of Physical Education and Sport

Mr. E. Nhamo

MSc In Strategic Management (CUT), 
BSc in Physical Education and Sport (ZOU),
 Higher, Diploma in Human Resources Management (IPMZ), 
Executive Diploma in Business Leadership (ZIM), 
Diploma in Training Management (IPMZ), 
Diploma in Education (UZ), Ce
rtificate of Competency in Project Management (Byo Poly)
Mobile: +263 772 887141
Email:  ed.nhamo@gmail.comnhamoe@zou.ac.zw


Professor – Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. N. Assan

MSc in Animal Science (UZ), 
BSc in Agriculture and Natural Resources (AU), 
Diploma in Agriculture (UM), 
Certificate in Education (UZ)
Mobile: +263 774101690
Email:     neverassan@gmail.com


Senior Lecturer – Departments of Accounting and Banking and Finance

Dr. E.H. M Matavire

DPhil in Auditing (ZOU), 
Bachelor of Accounting Science (UNISA), 
Masters in Business Administration (ZOU), 
Company Secretaries Diploma (FIAC)
Mobile: +263 712706353
Email:  matavire@gmail.com

Senior Lecturer – Department of Management and Business Studies

Mrs. B. Mbuyisa

Executive Masters in Business Administration (NUST), 
BCom Hons in Banking (NUST)
Mobile: +263 715717660, 772394693
Email:  barbarambuyisa@gmail.com


Student Adviser

Dr. S. Chimhenga

DEd in Inclusive Education (UNISA), 
Med In Special Needs Education (UNISA), 
Bachelor of Education (UNISA), 
Bachelor of Arts (UNISA), 
Certificate in Education (UZ)
Mobile:  +263 773 510 816
Email:  chimhengas@gmail.com


Regional Quality Assurance Coordinator

Mr. E. Hwande

Med in Educational Administration, 
Planning and Policy Studies (ZOU), 
BA Hons. Philosophy (UZ), 
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (ZOU), 
Diploma in Personnel Management (IPMZ)
Mobile:  +263 715169366, 777516576
Email:  ephwande@gmail.com


ICT Technician – Information Communication Technology

Mr. H. Marufu

BSc Hons Computer Science (NUST), 
Diploma in Applied Information Technology (UZ), 
Certificate in Applied Information Technology (UZ)
Mobile:  +263 773374229 
Email: hillarymrf@gmail.com

Senior Library Assistant – Library Information Services

Mr. S. Moyo

MSc Peace Leadership and Conflict Resolution (ZOU), 
BA Media Studies (ZOU), 
HND Library and Information Science (HEXCO), 
Diploma in Development Studies. (LSU), 
ND Library and Information Science (HEXCO), 
NC Library and Information Science (HEXCO)
Mobile:  +263 773247398
Email:  moyozi78@gmail.com

Senior Library Assistant – Library Information Services

Mrs. S. F. Sibanda

BSc Hons. Library and Information Science (ZOU),
 ND Library and Information Science (HEXCO), 
NC Library and Information Science (HEXCO)
Mobile:  +263 772987280
Email:  sinikiwemak@gmail.com

Stores Clerks – Stores Department

Mr. C. Tshuma

A Level,
O Level
Mobile: +263 773 534 711
Email:  tshumanc@gmail.com

Stores Clerks – Stores Department

Mr. I. Muchekwa

Masters in Business Administration (ZOU), 
BCom in Marketing (ZOU), 
HND in Purchasing and Supply (HEXCO), 
ND in Purchasing and Supply (HEXCO), 
ND in Purchasing and Supply (HEXCO)
Mobile:  +263 712978557
Email:  muchekwainno@gmail.com

Information Clerk – Faculty of Arts and Education

Ms. D. Mpofu

BSc. Hons in Counselling (ZOU)
E-mail:  mpofuhd@gmail.com

Information Clerk – Faculty of Arts and Education

Mrs. P. Magaisa

BA in Media Studies (ZOU), 
Office Administration and Customer Relations Course (BYO. POLYTECHNIC)Email: magaisap@zou.ac.zw

Information Clerk – Faculty of Arts and Education

Miss. S. Ncube

BSc Honours in Psychology (ZOU)
Mobile: +263 773111505
Email: sithencube@gmail.co

Information Clerk – Faculty of Applied Social Sciences

Miss. L. Mzizi

BA Special Honours in Communication and Media Studies (ZOU), 
BA in Media Studies (ZOU)
Mobile: +263 773246415
Email: mzizilynn@yahoo.co.uk

Information Clerk – Faculty of Commerce and Law

Miss. G. Moyo

MSc In Community Psychology (MSU), 
BSc Honours in Psychology (ZOU)
ICDL (ZCI), Pastel Accounting (EMCEE)
Mobile: +263 772677621
Email: gracenmoyo61@gmail.com

Information Clerk – Faculty of Agriculture , Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Information Technology and Multi Media Communication

Ms. K. Moyo

BSc Hons in Psychology (ZOU), 
ND in Secretarial Studies (HEXCO),
 NC in Secretarial Studies (HEXCO)
Mobile: +263 772352570
Email: khayamoyo30@yahoo.com


Miss. S. Sibanda

Post Graduate Diploma in Media and Society Studies (MSU), 
BA Media Studies (ZOU), 
Basic Computer Skills Training Course (ZOU)
Mobile:  +263 773248538
Email: sithokozilesibanda1987@gmail.com

Works Assistant

Ms. T. Ndlovu

BA Special Honours in Communication and Media Studies (ZOU), 
BA in Media Studies (ZOU)

Works Assistant

Mr. M. Nyathi

Mobile:  +263 773627919


Ms. L. Sibanda

BSc Hons. In Development Studies (ZOU), 
Professional Diploma in Development Studies (Centre for Development Studies), 
Certificate in Records and Information Science Management (HEXCO)
Mobile: +263 773507850
Email: nkazimulo1@gmail.com


Security Officer – Security Department

Mr. M. Ncube

A Level, 
O Level
Mobile: +263 774344666

Security Officer – Security Department

Mr. N. Masuku

BSc Hons In Development Studies (ZOU), 
O Level
Mobile:+263 773480015
Email:  masukunqobile@yahoo.com

Security Officer – Security Department

Ms. S. Moyo

BSc Hons in Records and Archives Management (ZOU)
Mobile: +263 733583571
Email:  smoyo4328@gmail.com

Security Officer – Security Department

Mr. W. Moyo

BSc Hons. In Development Studies (ZOU), 
O Level
Mobile:  +263 776769547
Email:  wiliammoyo@gmail.com

Security Officer – Security Department

Mr. O. Ndlovu

A Level, 
O Level

Security Officer – Security Department

Mr. K. Ndhlovu

O Level


Accounts Clerk – Finance Department

Mr. M.P Dube

A Level, 
O Level
Mobile:  +263 772406218
Email: mqondisip@gmail.com

Accounts Clerk – Finance Department

Ms. T. Ndlovu

ND In Accountancy (HEXCO), 
O Level
Email:  tsichi2012@gmail.com

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