Zimbabwe Air Force Commander Profile

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Zimbabwe Air Force Commander Profile

Zimbabwe Air Force Commander – Details of Zimbabwe Air Force Commander Profile

Elson Moyo is a Zimbabwean air officer who serves as commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe since December 2017 and one of the main figures in the 2017 Zimbabwean coup d’état attempt. He was previously deputy commander of the air force. At the time he was appointed air force commander, Moyo’s military rank was upgraded from air vice-marshal to air marshal by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. In 2003 he was promoted from air commodore to air vice-marshal by former president Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe Air Force Recruitment

Elson Moyo achieved some notoriety after he was sued for allegedly committing adultery with the wife of a policeman.

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After Zimbabwe gained independence, Moyo was a flying instructor at Thornhill Airbase in Gweru. During this time he trained many pilots who went on to become senior officers in the AFZ. Moyo was promoted from air commodore to air vice-marshal in November 2003. In early 2007, he held the post of Chief of Staff – Operations.[5] Unlike the Air Force Commander, Perence Shiri and the other high-ranking AFZ officers, Moyo is able to fly an aircraft and as such he commanded a degree of personal loyalty from those senior officers whom he instructed during their flying training.

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