WUA Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work

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WUA Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work

WUA Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work – See Details of Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work Course offered at Women’s University in Africa.

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the General Academic Regulations (GAR) for Certificates and Diplomas for the Women’s University in Africa (WUA).  The regulations shall be subject to approval by the University Academic Board and Senate and shall basically include objectives of the programme, provision to admission and courses as well as scheme of examinations of the same.  The Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work shall be awarded to students who have successfully completed the course in accordance with the Regulations below.  These regulations apply only to students registered for the Diploma in Social Work.
            The students shall acquire the following:
  • An understanding of the history of social work and theories underlying practice and practice decisions.
  • A commitment to social justice, with the professional goal of interrupting oppression as it is manifested in clients’ lives and in society.
  • Familiarity with the models of social work practice and their usefulness and limitations.
  • Practice skills, assessment, differential planning, the carrying out of interventions, the evaluation of practice and its outcomes and termination.
  • The ability to understand the multiple and complex reasons for client situations and actions including the “positives” within client problems.
  • The ability to have perspective on one’s actions as a practitioner and to use oneself deliberately and ethically to effect change.
  • Knowledge on, management of social welfare organisations, child welfare, counselling and project planning and management.
Entry Requirements
  • A Psychology, Sociology, or any relevant social sciences degree from any recognised University.
  • A minimum of one year work experience in the field of social work.
  • Students enrolled for this programme should have passed the following courses
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
( iii)     Introduction to Social Anthropology
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Introduction Research Methods
  • Communication skills.
Duration of Programme
The Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work shall take two years full-time to complete.  It shall be offered on a block release basis.
Course of Study
            Year One Block One (All courses are core courses)
            Introduction to Social Work
            Social work with Individuals 1
            Social work with Groups I
Social work with Communities I
            Socio-economic Development I
            Community Health
Year One Block Two (All courses are core courses)
            Introduction to social welfare
            Social work with Individuals II
            Social work with Groups II
            Social work with Communities II
            Socio-economic Development II
             Principles and Practices of Rehabilitation
Year Two Block One (All courses are core courses)           
Individual and Social Pathology
Management of social Welfare Organisations I
 Child Welfare Policy and Practice I
Project Planning and management I
Counselling I
  • This entails a 15 weeks full-time practical work under professional supervision will be marked on the basis of a combination of practical performance (40%), fieldwork report (40%) and seminar presentation (20%) Students are not allowed to undertake Fieldwork where they are employed. Students employed by the Government can undertake Fieldwork in other Government Departments or the private sector. Supervisors appointed by the University will supervise students twice during fieldwork placement.
Year Two   Block Two (All courses are core courses)
Social Policy and Administration
Management of Social Welfare Organisation
Child Welfare Policy and Practice II
Project planning and Management II
Counselling II
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