Women’s University in Africa B.Sc Hons in Social Work

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Women’s University in Africa B.Sc Hons in Social Work

Women’s University in Africa B.Sc Hons in Social Work – See Details of Women’s University in Africa B.Sc Hons in Social Work


Regulations for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Social Work shall apply subject to provisions for both the University and Faculty General Academic Regulations. General Faculty Regulations shall normally take precedence over specific degree special regulations where both are read together. See Also: Women’s University in Africa Intake

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Programme Aim

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The aim of the degree programme is to prepare students for professional social work practice in a wide range of contexts and in both primary and secondary settings. Additionally, the programme equips students with social work knowledge and skills to deliver developmental and therapeutic services.

Programme Objectives
The overall programme objectives are to:
  • Produce social workers who can formulate, design, implement and administer            Social service programmes for the full benefit of vulnerable individuals, groups and communities;
  • Develop skills of social workers that can facilitate full potential of disadvantaged
         individuals, groups and communities through professional interventions;
  • Equip social workers with knowledge and skills for interventions in mitigating social problems in complex situations such as disasters, and enhance understanding of the role of social workers in mobilizing community resources for the full benefit of disadvantaged individuals, groups, and communities.
Entry Requirements
  • A minimum of 2 Advanced Level subjects passes with at least five Ordinary Level passes including English Language; OR.
  • Five Ordinary Level subjects including English Language and at least a two year diploma in Social Work.
  • Four Ordinary Level subjects including English Language for applicants aged 40 years and above with Acquired Prior Learning.
Duration of Programme
The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Social Work shall take four years to complete full time. Applicants with Diploma in Social Work from Women’s University in Africa and other recognized universities will start at second year level.
Assessment of the Students
Normal evaluation shall be based on continuous assessment as well as an examination at the end of the course.
The assessment shall be as follows:
Coursework               30%
Examination             70%
Career Opportunities
The programme is designed to produce social workers who are able to work in different settings namely:
  • Central Government Departments
  • Local Government Departments
  • Mining Sector
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Faith based Organizations
Programme Structure
All Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Social Work students are expected to do a minimum of thirty three courses. To meet these requirements, students will undertake thirty-three courses and a project on an approved social work problem.
  • In the first year, students shall undertake eleven courses on offer. For a student to proceed to second year, a CGPA of above 2 is required.
  • In second year students shall undertake ten courses.
  • In the third year, students shall go on Attachment for the whole year.
  • In the fourth year, students shall undertake at least eleven courses.
  • In order to proceed to register for the project, a student must also have passed Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in the second year.
  • All Sociology and Psychology related courses such as Introduction to Psychology and Sociology will be offered from their respective disciplines.
Year 1 First Semester
PS 111Introduction to Psychology 1
SS111Sociology 1
SS112Cultural Anthropology 1
PS 112Introduction to Social Psychology 1
BCL 111Basic Computer Literacy
CS 111Communication Skills
Year 1 Second Semester
SS122Introduction to Gender Studies
PS 125Introduction to Psychology 11
SW 121Sociology Institutions
PS 124Social Psychology
SS 121Cultural Anthropology 11
Year 2 First Semester
SW 211Case Work
SW 212Social Group Work
SW 213Social Community Work
SS 211Qualitative Research Methods
SW 214Fundamentals of Social Work
Year 2 Second Semester
SW 221Child Care and Protection Issues
SW 222Issues in Integrated Social Work Methods
SW 223Social Work and Health Issues
SW 224Social Policy Issues
PS 221Quantitative Research Methods
Year 3 First Semester
SW 311Fieldwork Practicum
Year 3 Second Semester
SW 311Fieldwork Practicum
Year 4 First Semester
PS 225Counselling Psychology
SW 411Social Work and Management
BM 224Project Planning and Management
SW 412Social Development Issues
SW 415Research Project
Year 4 Second Semester
SS 224Civil Society and Governance
SW 421Social Work and Maladaptive Behaviour
SW 422Social Work and Disability Issues
SW 423Gender Mainstreaming in Social Work
SW424Social Work and Disaster Management
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