DPSA Meaning – What Does DPSA Stand For

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DPSA Meaning – What Does DPSA Stand For

What Does DPSA Stand For? – DPSA Meaning

About the dpsa

Strategic overview

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e-Job System

DPSA e-Recruitment System


A professional, productive and responsive public service and administration

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  1. Establish norms and standards to ensure that the state machinery functions optimally and that such norms and standards are adhered to.
  2. Implement interventions to maintain a compliant and functioning Public Service.
  3. Promote an ethical public service through programmes, systems, frameworks and structures that detect, prevent and combat corruption.
  4. Contribute towards improved public administration in Africa and internationally through dialogue and sharing of best practices.

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Value Statement

We Belong, We Care, We Serve

Last update: 11 March 2014

What Does DPSA Stands For?

DPSA Meaning = Department of Public Service and Administration

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