University of Pretoria Other Fee Costs

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University of Pretoria Other Fee Costs

University of Pretoria Other Fee Costs – UP Fees: Other costs

Tuition fees and other charges

The exact tuition fee for a specific programme is determined by the individual programmes/modules included in a degree/diploma curriculum. The tuition fee for undergraduate programmes/modules is compiled by a number of components levied individually as may be applicable. The tariff of a module is the sum of the levies of the components, ie tuition fees, study material, copyright and computer usage, and represents the direct and indirect costs incurred for offering the module.

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Please note that all amounts are subject to change.

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Tuition fee: Includes the cost of the course guide outlining the course content.

Study material: This levy covers the cost of documents and other study material containing additional learning material.  Most of the material is not available elsewhere and to keep costs down, the material is compiled by the lecturer and handed out to students. This however, does not totally replace the use of the library or other books needed for study.

Copyright:  This is a charge for the legally prescribed copyright that, by law, we as a university have to pay for the use of the information contained in books, especially research publications. This charge applies to all modules.

Facility usage:  This is a charge added to certain modules that require the use of the computer labs. During such teaching programme sessions, tests and assignments, students are using computer programs that require licences, etc. Personal computers may not be used in these instances.

Students will pay at the different service providers on campus for printing and photocopies and these costs will not form part of their official student account.

Internet access on campus is free of charge.

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Other Costs

Breakage fees for certain study programmes such as Chemistry, Engineering, and Dentistry

Certain study programmes issue instruments, bones, work sets and other items. If not returned intact, a breakage fee will be levied on your student account.

Breakage fees for residence students

During your stay in residence if any damage is done by you to the university property, a breakage fee will be levied on your student account.

Summer School and Winter School costs (See icon for more detail)

Whether taking a module for the first time or repeating the module at Summer School and Winter School, the full fee for that module will be charged to your account.

If your tuition is paid for by a bursary or NSFAS or UP funding, then these modules will not be covered by this funding, and students need to ensure they can pay for them themselves before starting classes.

Living costs

Apart from the fees already indicated, the cost of textbooks, casual food, travel, stationery, printing, photocopies and similar expenses are NOT included in the student account. Students need to ensure that they have sufficient own funds to cover these costs.

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