University of Pretoria Health Sciences Courses

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University of Pretoria Health Sciences Courses

University of Pretoria Health Sciences Courses – Details of University of Pretoria Health Sciences Courses

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Details of University of Pretoria Health Sciences Courses






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BRad Diagnostics

BRadHons Diagnostics

BRadHons Nuclear Medicine

BRadHons Nuclear Medicine

BRadHons Radiation Therapy

BRadHons Radiation Therapy

BScHons Aerospace Medicine

BScHons Anatomy

BScHons Biokinetics

BScHons Cell Biology

BScHons Chemical Pathology

BScHons Comparative Anatomy

BScHons Developmental Biology

BScHons Environmental Health

BScHons Haematology

BScHons Human Cell Biology

BScHons Human Genetics

BScHons Human Histology

BScHons Human Physiology

BScHons Macro-anatomy

BScHons Medical Criminalistics

BScHons Medical Immunology

BScHons Medical Microbiology

BScHons Medical Nuclear Science

BScHons Medical Oncology

BScHons Medical Virology

BScHons Neuro-anatomy

BScHons Occupational Hygiene

BScHons Pharmacology

BScHons Physical Anthropology

BScHons Radiation Oncology

BScHons Reproductive Biology Andrology

BScHons Reproductive Biology

BScHons Sports Science


DMed Anaesthesiology

DMed Anatomy

DMed Community Health

DMed Dermatology

DMed Family Medicine

DMed Forensic Medicine

DMed Geriatrics

DMed Haematology

DMed Health Systems

DMed Human Physiology

DMed Internal Medicine

DMed Medical Microbiology

DMed Medical Oncology

DMed Neurology

DMed Neurosurgery

DMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology

DMed Ophthalmology

DMed Orthopaedics

DMed Otorhinolaryngology

DMed Paediatrics

DMed Pathology

DMed Pharmacology

DMed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

DMed Psychiatry

DMed Public Health

DMed Radiation Oncology

DMed Radiological Diagnostics

DMed Reproductive Biology Andrology

DMed Reproductive Biology

DMed Surgery

DMed Thoracic Surgery

DMed Urology


MChD Community Dentistry

MChD Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Med)

MChD Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Dent)

MChD Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Med)

MChD Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Med)

MChD Oral Pathology

MChD Orthodontics

MChD Periodontics and Oral Medicine

MChD Prosthodontics


MDietetics (Coursework)


MMed Anaesthesiology

MMed Anatomical Pathology

MMed Chemical Pathology

MMed Clinical Pathology

MMed Dermatology

MMed Emergency Medicine

MMed Family Medicine

MMed Forensic Pathology

MMed Geriatrics

MMed Haematology

MMed Internal Medicine

MMed Medical Microbiology

MMed Medical Oncology

MMed Medical Virology

MMed Neurology

MMed Neurosurgery

MMed Nuclear Medicine

MMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology

MMed Ophthalmology

MMed Orthopaedics

MMed Otorhinolaryngology

MMed Paediatric Surgery

MMed Paediatrics

MMed Plastic Surgery

MMed Psychiatry

MMed Public Health Medicine

MMed Radiation Oncology

MMed Radiological Diagnostics

MMed Surgery

MMed Thoracic Surgery

MMed Urology


MNurs Clinical Fields of Study

MNurs Clinical Fields of Study (Coursework)

MNurs Nursing Education

MNurs Nursing Education (Coursework)

MNurs Nursing Management

MNurs Nursing Management (Coursework)


MOccTher Activity Theory (Coursework)

MOccTher Hand Therapy (Coursework)

MOccTher Neurology (Coursework)

MOccTher Paediatrics (Coursework)

MOccTher Psychiatry (Coursework)



MPhil Allergology (Coursework)

MPhil Cardiology (Coursework)

MPhil Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Coursework)

MPhil Clinical Haematology (Coursework)

MPhil Critical Care (Coursework)

MPhil Developmental Paediatrics (Coursework)

MPhil Endocrinology and Metabolism (Coursework)

MPhil Forensic Psychiatry (Coursework)

MPhil Gynaecological Oncology (Coursework)

MPhil Infectious Diseases (Coursework)

MPhil Maternal and Fetal Medicine (Coursework)

MPhil Medical Gastroenterology (Coursework)

MPhil Medical Oncology (Coursework)

MPhil Neonatology (Coursework)

MPhil Nephrology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Allergology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Cardiology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Critical Care (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Gastroenterology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Infectious Diseases (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Nephrology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Neurology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Oncology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Pulmonology (Coursework)

MPhil Paediatric Rheumatology (Coursework)

MPhil Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health (Coursework)

MPhil Pulmonology (Coursework)

MPhil Reproductive Medicine (Coursework)

MPhil Rheumatology (Coursework)

MPhil Surgical Gastroenterology (Coursework)

MPhil Trauma Surgery (Coursework)

MPhil Vascular Surgery (Coursework)


MPhysio Internal Medicine (Coursework)

MPhysio Neurology/Neurosurgery (Coursework)

MPhysio Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (Coursework)

MPhysio Orthopaedics (Coursework)

MPhysio Paediatrics (Coursework)

MPhysio Sports Medicine (Coursework)

MPhysio Surgery (Coursework)

MPhysio Women’s Health (Coursework)

MRad Diagnostics

MRad Nuclear Medicine

MRad Radiation Therapy

MSc Aerospace Medicine

MSc Anatomy

MSc Applied Human Nutrition

MSc Cell Biology

MSc Chemical Pathology

MSc Clinical Epidemiology

MSc Dentistry Maxillofacial and Oral Radiology (Coursework)

MSc Dentistry Oral Surgery (Coursework)

MSc Dentistry

MSc Environmental Health

MSc Epidemiology

MSc Haematology

MSc Human Genetics

MSc Human Physiology

MSc Medical Criminalistics

MSc Medical Immunology

MSc Medical Microbiology

MSc Medical Nuclear Science

MSc Medical Oncology

MSc Medical Physics

MSc Medical Virology

MSc Pharmacology

MSc Public Health

MSc Radiation Oncology

MSc Reproductive Biology Andrology

MSc Reproductive Biology

MSc Sports Medicine (Coursework)

MSc Sports Science Biokinetics

MSc Sports Science Biomechanics

MSc Sports Science

PGDip Dentistry Aesthetic Dentistry

PGDip Dentistry Community Dentistry

PGDip Dentistry Dental Materials

PGDip Dentistry Endodontics

PGDip Dentistry Forensic Odontology

PGDip Dentistry Implantology

PGDip Dentistry Oral Medicine

PGDip Dentistry Oral Microbiology

PGDip Dentistry Oral Pathology

PGDip Dentistry Oral Surgery

PGDip Dentistry Orthodontics

PGDip Dentistry Pedodontics

PGDip Dentistry Periodontology

PGDip Dentistry Practice Management

PGDip Dentistry Preventive Dentistry

PGDip Dentistry Prosthetics

PGDip Dentistry Prosthodontics

PGDip Dentistry Radiography

PGDip Dentistry Restorative Dentistry

PGDip Family Medicine

PGDip General Ultrasound

PGDip Hand Therapy

PGDip Health Systems Management Executive Leadership

PGDip Health Systems Management General Operations

PGDip Occupational Medicine and Health

PGDip Public Health

PGDip Tropical Medicine and Health

PhD Aerospace Medicine

PhD Anaesthesiology

PhD Anatomical Pathology

PhD Anatomy

PhD Chemical Pathology

PhD Community Health

PhD Dentistry

PhD Dermatology

PhD Diagnostic Radiology

PhD Dietetics

PhD Environmental Health

PhD Epidemiology

PhD Family Medicine

PhD Forensic Pathology

PhD Haematology

PhD Health Ethics

PhD Health Systems

PhD Human Genetics

PhD Human Physiology

PhD Internal Medicine

PhD Medical criminalistics

PhD Medical Immunology

PhD Medical Microbiology

PhD Medical Nuclear Science

PhD Medical Oncology

PhD Medical Physics

PhD Medical Virology

PhD Mental Health

PhD Neurology

PhD Nursing Science

PhD Obstetrics and Gynaecology

PhD Occupational Therapy

PhD Ophthalmology

PhD Orthopaedics

PhD Otorhinolaryngology

PhD Paediatrics

PhD Pharmacology

PhD Physiotherapy

PhD Psychiatry

PhD Public Health

PhD Radiography

PhD Reproductive Biology Andrology

PhD Reproductive Biology

PhD Sports Medicine

PhD Sports Science Biokinetics

PhD Sports Science Biomechanics

PhD Sports Science

PhD Surgery

PhD Urology

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