University of Pretoria Engineering Built Environment & IT Courses

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University of Pretoria Engineering, Built Environment & IT Courses

University of Pretoria Engineering Built Environment & IT Courses – Details of University of Pretoria Engineering Built Environment & IT Courses

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University of Pretoria Engineering, Built Environment & IT Courses:


BEng Chemical Engineering

BEng Civil Engineering

BEng Computer Engineering

BEng Electrical Engineering

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BEng Electronic Engineering

BEng Industrial Engineering

BEng Mechanical Engineering

BEng Metallurgical Engineering

BEng Mining Engineering

BEngHons Bioengineering

BEngHons Chemical Engineering

BEngHons Computer Engineering

BEngHons Control Engineering

BEngHons Electrical Engineering

BEngHons Electronic Engineering

BEngHons Engineering and Technology Management

BEngHons Environmental Engineering

BEngHons Geotechnical Engineering

BEngHons Industrial Engineering

BEngHons Mechanical Engineering

BEngHons Metallurgical Engineering

BEngHons Microelectronic Engineering

BEngHons Mining Engineering

BEngHons Structural Engineering

BEngHons Transportation Engineering

BEngHons Water Resources Engineering

BEngHons Water Utilisation Engineering

BEngHons Welding Engineering


BIS Information Science

BIS Multimedia

BIS Publishing

BISHons Information Science

BISHons Multimedia

BISHons Publishing


BIT Information Systems

BITHons Information Systems


BSc Architecture

BSc Computer Science

BSc Construction Management

BSc Information and Knowledge Systems

BSc Interior Architecture

BSc Landscape Architecture

BSc Quantity Surveying

BSc Real Estate

BScHons Applied Science Architecture

BScHons Applied Science Metallurgy: Welding Technology

BScHons Applied Science Chemical Technology

BScHons Applied Science Environmental Technology

BScHons Applied Science Geotechnics

BScHons Applied Science Industrial Systems

BScHons Applied Science Mechanics

BScHons Applied Science Mechanics: Physical Asset Management

BScHons Applied Science Metallurgy

BScHons Applied Science Mining

BScHons Applied Science Structure

BScHons Applied Science Transportation Planning

BScHons Applied Science Water Resources

BScHons Applied Science Water Utilisation

BScHons Computer Science

BScHons Construction Management

BScHons Engineering and Technology Management

BScHons Quantity Surveying

BScHons Real Estate Retail Property

BScHons Real Estate



MArch (Professional)

MEng Bioengineering

MEng Chemical Engineering

MEng Computer Engineering

MEng Control Engineering

MEng Electrical Engineering

MEng Electronic Engineering

MEng Engineering Management (Coursework)

MEng Environmental Engineering

MEng Geotechnical Engineering

MEng Industrial Engineering

MEng Mechanical Engineering

MEng Metallurgical Engineering

MEng Microelectronic Engineering

MEng Mining Engineering

MEng Project Management (Coursework)

MEng Software Engineering

MEng Structural Engineering

MEng Technology and Innovation Management (Coursework)

MEng Transportation Engineering

MEng Water Resources Engineering

MEng Water Utilisation Engineering


MIntArch (Professional)

MIS Information Science

MIS Library Science

MIS Multimedia

MIS Publishing

MIT Big Data Science

MIT ICT Information Science

MIT ICT Management

MIT Information Systems


MLArch (Professional)

MSc Applied Science Architecture (Coursework)

MSc Applied Science Chemical Technology

MSc Applied Science Control

MSc Applied Science Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

MSc Applied Science Environmental Technology

MSc Applied Science Geotechnics

MSc Applied Science Industrial Systems

MSc Applied Science Mechanics

MSc Applied Science Metallurgy

MSc Applied Science Mining

MSc Applied Science Structures

MSc Applied Science Transportation Planning

MSc Applied Science Water Resources

MSc Applied Science Water Utilisation

MSc Computer Science

MSc Construction Management

MSc Engineering Management (Coursework)

MSc Project Management (Coursework)

MSc Quantity Surveying

MSc Real Estate Retail Property (Coursework)

MSc Real Estate

MSc Real Estate (Coursework)

MSc Technology and Innovation Management (Coursework)


MTRP (Coursework)

PhD Architecture

PhD Biosystems

PhD Chemical Engineering

PhD Chemical Technology

PhD Civil

PhD Civil Engineering

PhD Computer Engineering

PhD Computer Science

PhD Construction Management

PhD Electric

PhD Electrical Engineering

PhD Electronic Engineering

PhD Electronics

PhD Engineering Management

PhD Engineering Management

PhD Industrial Engineering

PhD Industrial Systems

PhD Information Science

PhD Information Systems

PhD Information Technology

PhD Interior Architecture

PhD Landscape Architecture

PhD Library Science

PhD Mechanical Engineering

PhD Mechanics

PhD Metallurgical Engineering

PhD Metallurgy

PhD Mining

PhD Mining Engineering

PhD Project Management

PhD Project Management

PhD Publishing

PhD Quantity Surveying

PhD Real Estate

PhD Technology and Innovation Management

PhD Technology and Innovation Management

PhD Town and Regional Planning

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