Standard Bank Internships Application 2024/2025

Standard Bank Internships Application 2024/2025

Application updates on Standard Bank Internships 2024/2025. Find the procedure on How you can apply for the Standard Bank Internships 2024/2025.

Internships are very important for every student since they help to give students field experience which is usually not thought of in schools. Aside from the information we have shared about the Standard Bank Internships, our Internship Collections covers the following:

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Application Details About Standard Bank Internships 2024/2025

Do you want to progress your education further and get some workforce experience? Interested in exploring the corporate world?

The Internship opportunities at Standard Bank allow graduates to gain a new or additional specialist qualification whilst gaining meaningful work experience.

Qualification Criteria
  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 30
  • Be able to speak, read and write English
  • Have completed a year post-matric qualification (dependent on the role)
  • Be computer literate
  • Not be permanently employed
  • Not be studying at any other institution

What to expect from a learnerships?

  • Fixed-term employment at the Bank (12/18/24 months dependent on the role)
  • Stipend
  • Additional qualifications/certifications
  • Meaningful work experience

What are the benefits?

What you’ll get

Standard Bank is committed to quality and value in everything Standard Bank offer their customers. And because you’ll contribute to both from the moment you join Standard Bank, it’s only fair Standard Bank recognise the quality you bring. And just how much they value it.

You’ll see it in how Standard Bank manage and reward your performance, as well as the extra benefits you could be entitled to – perhaps even shares in the bank. It all depends on the programme you choose, plus one huge factor: you.

How to Apply for Standard Bank Internships 2024/2025

How you’ll grow

We strive to push our bank forward so we can effect real, positive change for the communities we work in today, and those we hope to work in tomorrow. But nothing’s more important than helping our people push themselves forward and expand their potential. Your core training is adapted to the programme you choose. But everything else is down to you. Right here is a world of development opportunities – anything from shadowing senior colleagues to sharing expertise at international conferences – and a continent of untapped potential. Your chances; your choices.

Contact Standard Bank for more information about Internships Application


0860 123 000


+27 10 249 0423

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