Solusi University Lecturers Profile and Contacts

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Solusi University Lecturers Profile and Contacts

Solusi University Lecturers – See Details of Solusi University Lecturers Profile and Contacts

Solusi University Faculties are driven by the quest to equip students to develop and put into practice creative, God centered, gender sensitive, and rights-based ways to reach the highest possible human development potential.

Faculty of Business Administration

Welcome to the Faculty of Business where we believe that intellectual training is only one aspect of human endeavor, and that to achieve one’s full potential, spiritual, physical and social development  are essential. The degrees in the Faculty of Business give students an opportunity to acquire managerial, social and legal responsibilities of business; and Information technology competencies. See Also: Solusi University Intake

Solusi University business graduates are found in positions of responsibility all over the SADC region and beyond. This is a testament to the fact that it pays to invest in Christian business education. 

Christian education encourages awareness of moral and ethical responsibilities in the personal and professional life.

Asst. Prof. T. Chitate

PhD (Economics), MPhil (Economics), MBA, BBA (Accounting)

Faculty of Agriculture & Technology

The Faculty of Agriculture and Technology strives to make science work for the benefit of humanity and the environment. Our scientific achievements and our problem-focused research and development activities will ensure the continued relevance of our research and our graduates to the agricultural industry and economic development of the time.

The Faculty consists of four dynamic departments: Department of Animal Science and Technology, Department of Crop Science and Horticulture Technology, Department of Extension and Agribusiness and Centre for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation. The following seven four-year (Honours) degrees are offered: BSc in Animal Science Technology, BSc in Wildlife Resources Management, BSc in Crop Science and Technology, BSc in Horticulture and Technology, BSc in Crop Post Harvest and Technology, BSc in Agribusiness, BSc in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, one-year certificate and two-year Diploma in Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation.

The Centre for Sustainable Development and Poverty alleviation endeavours to unlock the challenges that people, particularly the marginalized face in trying to earn an adequate and resilient standard of living in an environment that is characterized by poverty and lack of job opportunities.

The Faculty has two large farms for production and experiments, where commercial production, practical training and applied research are conducted. A Centre of excellence for technological innovation in dairy production and processing is envisaged for the purposes of research, training, learning and income generation.

Prof. Bartholomew Mupeta 

PhD (Animal Science), MScBSc

Nobel Peace Prize – Contribution Certificate on Climate Change

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts has been growing in leaps and bounds, and is manned by competent, hardworking, committed and well qualified full-time and part-time staff. Part of our strategic plan is to upgrade our programmes to Honours and Masters status, as well as introduce other degree programmes in areas such as Gender Studies, Law, Development, Disaster and Risk Management, International Relations, Media Studies, Public Relations and Journalism.

Dr. R.D. Manungo

PhDMA (Peace & Governance), BA Hons (History), BA Gen History

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is committed to quality Christian education as per Seventh- day Adventist tradition. The tradition aims at making and developing a teacher’s human potential, thus bringing him/her into harmony with the creator. The faculty offers innovative and transforming professional programmes for both under and graduate teachers that prepare them to become responsible and contributing members of the society. Students are exposed to various innovative and contemporary teaching methods that will empower them in their teaching profession.

Dr. C. N. Thebe

D.Ed, M.Ed, MA, B.Ed, BA, CE

Faculty of Science & Technology

The Faculty of Science & Technology is underpinned by the coherence of the principles of science and logic. Down through the centuries, sciences have revolutionalized the way of life from the primitive hunters and gatherers to the highly industrialized and technological societies of today. These technological advances have been made possible by conscientious study of sciences.

Asst. Prof. Ramilison 

PhD (Physics), MSc (Physics & Chemistry), BSc (Physics & Chemistry)

Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies

Prof. N. Zvandasara 

DTh (Systematic Theology) DMin (Missions), MTH (Systematic), MDiv (Religion), BTh(Systematic Theology), BA (Theology)

Solusi University Lecturers Contacts

Bulawayo Solusi University Trimester Center

2nd Floor Africa House,
Fife Street & 10th Avenue,
Tel: 09-62195

Harare Solusi University Trimester Center
7th Floor CABS Center,
Jason Moyo Avenue/Sam Nujoma,
Tel: 04-250779

Vic Falls Solusi University Trimester Center

Mkhosana Adventist High School,
Stand 5829 Mkhosana Township,
Victoria Falls

Chegutu Solusi University Trimester Center

70 A King Street,

Bulawayo Block Center (PGDE Only)
Theological Seminary College of Zimbabwe,
Opposite N.U.S.T Campus,

Mutare Solusi University Block Centre
Mutare Teacher’s College,
81 Chimanimani Road

Solusi University
P.O. Solusi, BulawayoTel: +263 09 647 34

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