Solusi University Agribusiness Programme Details

Solusi University Agribusiness Programme Details

Solusi University Agribusiness Course – See Details of Solusi University Agribusinesss Course

The management of Solusi University wish to invite prospective student to apply for Agribusiness Course offered at the Polytechnic.

The Agribusiness Course is offered under the department of Agribusiness among other courses. See Also: Solusi University Intake

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The Department of Agribusiness exists to develop safe and sound scientific discoveries in economical agricultural production and marketing for aspiring regional and constituent entrepreneurs in Africa and elsewhere. The Department believes that true education points back to the Almighty and Redeemer of mankind.


From early simple societies to the modern complex interdependent system, humankind’s activities revolved around and are still centred on one main resource which is paramount for the sustenance of life: land. God Himself, the creator, endowed man with abilities to control the environment and placed man to purposefully and deliberately harness the natural resources for his (man’s) existence. In addition to this responsibility, humankind is blessed with physical, spiritual and mental abilities to decide on proper ways to bring honour and glory to God through faithful stewardship.
Agribusiness, as a field of knowledge, is current and relevant in addressing the source of humankind’s problems, that is, the production of food and preservation technologies. These two have been and still are a global concern. The study of Agribusiness, therefore, must lead to profitable ventures for individuals, organizations and the global economy at large. Agribusiness is the engine that fuels all other disciplines, and it is worth studying.


The Department of Agribusiness aims at developing highly competent scientist and agricultural producers to serve the region and global constituencies in areas such as: Education, Economic Agricultural Production and Industry. This is done in the spirit as commissioned to Solusi University by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the provisions of the Service Charter granted by the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The main objectives of the Agribusiness department are:

  1. To provide an academic program with sufficient depth such that its graduates can meet the challenges of the job market and even remain competitive and qualified to pursue higher degrees of their choice without any prejudice.
  2. To equip students with skills to venture into profitable agricultural business from “anywhere to everywhere.
  3. To produce graduates that are not just employable but will become employers.


Agribusiness graduates are in high demand in the Agriculture Sector as Extension Officers, Researchers, Agriculture Project Directors, Project Analysts, Consultants in private firms and Commercial Banks, Non-Governmental Organizations, Farm Managers, Lecturers in colleges or high schools. Furthermore, they can pursue graduate studies.


All applicants have to meet the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under Solusi University general regulations:

  1. At least five (5) O-levels including English, Mathematics and a Science subject passed with a grade C or better.
  2. In addition, applicants should have at least two appropriate combinations of A-level passes drawn from the following pool: Mathematics; Economics; Biology/Agriculture; Chemistry; Physics; Food Science, Geography or their approved equivalents.
  3. Applicants with a relevant Diploma in agricultural sciences or 3 year agricultural certificate from recognised college or institute plus five (5) approved O-levels including English, Mathematics and a Science subject passed with a grade C or better stand a chance to get admitted into the programme.
  4. Applicants without ‘A’ Level Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics will be mandated to take bridging courses in these subjects prior to proceeding to first year university courses. All students who are supposed to take bridging courses should upon departmental registration notify their course coordinators/advisors so that such classes can be arranged with relevant departments in the university.
  5. All international applicants must seek departmental clearance with regards to their qualifications upon which they may be required to take bridging courses.

All students will be required to go for attachment for an attachment period of at least six (6) months and not more than eight (8) months as part of their fulfilment of the BSc. Agribusiness degree award requirements. Diploma holders (3-year diplomas) in relevant agricultural sciences may be exempted upon application by the student and departmental recommendations and senate approval.


To be eligible for graduation students must have successfully completed the following requirements:
Credit Units
General Education30
BSc Agribusiness Total Credits130

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