Nyadire Teachers College Diploma In Primary Activities

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Nyadire Teachers College Diploma In Primary Activities

Nyadire Teachers College Diploma In Primary Activities – See Details of Nyadire Teachers College Diploma In Primary Activities

Nyadire Teachers College Diploma In Primary Activities – GENERAL COURSE

Students who undergo this programme quality to teach at all levels of the primary school.;

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This course is designed to give student – teachers some grounding in theoretical aspects through exposure to philosophy of education, psychology of education, sociology of education, curriculum studies and educational administration and inclusive education

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Aspects covered under this broad include general and specific methods of teaching subjects in the primary school curriculum other areas of study include: educational media, technology, information communication technology management and national strategic studies.


During the middle phase of their diploma programme (five terms), students are afforded opportunity to practices acquired teaching skills under the mentorship of qualified teachers.


The department is committed to nurturing competent classroom practitioners who are able to marry theory and practice in order to come up with relevant pedagogical skills for the upliftment of Zimbabwean children.

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To achieve excellence in the classroom by moving teaching practice to the centre of our institution and the nation’s strategic interests and directions


To satisfy the needs of our clientele and stakeholders which include;

  • Setting  high expectations for every student’s progress and ambitious targets for improving classroom performances
  •  Implementing teaching methods that have been shown to be effective in promoting successful learning for all
  • Creating  learning environments in which all students are engaged, challenged, feel safe to take risks and are supported to learn
  •  Building students’ beliefs in their own capacities to learn successfully and their understandings of the relationship between effort and success
  •  Providing regular and timely feedback to students in forms that make it clear what actions individuals can take to make further learning progress.


Each student is expected to specialise in main subject, students should choose their options from the following subject offered by the college: art and design, chi Shona, English, environmental science, social studies, home economics, mathematics, music, physical education, religious education and information communication technology.

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