NSFAS Online Application for 2024-2025

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NSFAS Online Application for 2024-2025

NSFAS Online Application for 2024/2025
NSFAS Online Application for 2024-2025

The NSFAS Online Application 2024-2025. How to Access and Fill NSFAS Online Application for 2024-2025 Academic year.

The NSFAS Opportunity has started and qualified applicants are welcome to apply to get financial support to continue their education in the various universities and other NSFAS registered institutions in the country. The Management of NSFAS has open Online Applications for qualified to apply for 2024 NSFAS Bursaries 2024-2025 and NSFAS Loans 2024-2025.

On this page, we will provide you with all the needed information and links to other important articles on the NSFAS Application. See more facts below and apply to support your education. Thank you!!!

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The Online Application is made accessible for applicants willing to study at NSFAS to apply for a Student Loan Online. NSFAS Closing Date 2024-2025

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Apply for NSFAS Online 

NSFAS How to Apply for 2024-2025 << Apply NSFAS Now

NSFAS Online Application for 2024

To start the Application, Students must register on the myNSFAS portal and complete the application form to apply for funding as well as to track their application status after applying.

Steps to Create a myNSFAS Profile

  • Log onto www.nsfas.org.za
  • Click on ‘register’
  • Complete the required fields (ID number, cellphone number and email address)
  • Upload a copy of your ID or birth certificate. If you are uploading a copy of a Smart-ID, please ensure that both sides are visible on the copy

Note: A One-Time Pin to activate the account will be sent to the contact number you submitted. Once you have created a myNSFAS profile, You will then be able to apply online by following the few steps below:

Steps for NSFAS Online Application 2024

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  • Click on ‘Apply’
  • Complete all the required fields where applicable
  • Upload all supporting documents
  • reference number will be sent to your cellphone number and email address

Key Notes for NSFAS Online Application 2024

Please Note:

  • NSFAS no longer requires a signed consent form to allow for the verification of applicants’ details with third parties. Students can give consent by clicking on the box at the bottom of the page before submitting the application.
  • Students are not required to certify copies of their documents.

Required Documents for NSFAS Online Application 2024

The compulsory documents that students must submit when applying for funding are:

  • This process can take about 30 minutes
  • You’ll need to have certified scanned copies of the following documents:
    • Identity Document/Birth Certificate
    • Matric Certificate
    • Latest Academic Results
    • Proof of parents’ income (if they are employed)
    • Death Certificate/s (if parents are dead)
    • Doctor’s Certificate (if permanently disabled)

For a list of all documents that may be required Click Here

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NSFAS Online Application for 2024-2025

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