Mutare Teachers College Principal Office

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Mutare Teachers College Principal Office

Mutare Teachers College Principal – Find more about Mutare Teachers College Principal, Mutare Teachers College Office of the Principal

Mutare Teachers College Principal Officers

The College Advisory Council members are:

  • Mr. E.F. Mangwarara (Chairman)
  • Mr. E. Shumba
  • Mr. A. Mutubuki
  • Mrs. P. Silitschena
  • Mrs. C. Tsinakwadi
  • Ms. I. Chibanda
  • Hon. Senator J. Mawire
  • Ms. P. Guwila
  • Dr. J.L. Nduna
  • Pastor M. Chirema
  • Mr. T. Mudefi
  • Mr. T. Maanda
  • Mr. L.E. Bhila
  • Mr. M. Mukonowatsauka

Dean Administration and Projects

Dean Administration and Projects, Mr H. Madzamba.

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The Registrar

The Registrar, Mrs. R. Nyamujara

The office provides quality programmes and services that promote involvement, achievement and empowerment for a diverse student population. The college has specialised provisions for students with disabilities. Among some of the duties of the registrar’s office are:

  • facilitating effective student enrolment and registration
  • Ensuring integrity, accuracy and security of all records of current and former students.

Our objective is to ensure that each student adjusts to and thrives within the educational environment by addressing student issues and needs.

The registrar oversees all non- academic programs that are administered to students at college including student organisations, health services and social activities.

Our motto is WE CARE- WE PROVIDE.

The Principal

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