Marymount Teachers College Courses Offered

Marymount Teachers College Courses Offered

Marymount Teachers College Courses – Course offered at Marymount Teachers College

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Below are Marymount Teachers College Courses Offered

Theory of Education and Early Child Development


  • ECD

It is Early Childhood Development course. It is an umbrella term which applies to the processes by which children from birth to 8 years grow and thrive physically and socially. Historical, Philosophical, psychological and social development of children are studied. Great interest in toddlers and pre-school age group children. They also study Expressive Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics and Science and Social Sciences in ECD.

  • Philosophy of Education

Philosophy helps students develop reflective and critical thinking on education and life in general in terms of the meaning of reality, truth, and values. Students are expected to find and understand the meanings behind the observable fact as of this world from an educational perspective according to different schools of thought

  • Psychology of Education

Students study Psychological issues related to how children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, morally and socially. It provides students with the background knowledge of children’s disposition  to learning including those with special needs.

  • Sociology of Education

Students study sociological issues, locally, regionally and globally. Students study what causes pupils to under- perform, underachieve or excel in their studies. Generally students explore conditions at home and at school that affect children’s learning.

Proffesional Development Studies


  • Contemporary Studies

NASS- National and Strategic Studies

ICT- Information, Communication and Technology

RM- Research Methods

HLS- Health and Life Skills

  • Proffesional Studies

This component covers techniques  of teaching in all Primary  School subjects and includes classroom management.

  • Teaching Practice

Students are deployed during the course in schools throughout Manicaland to put into practice the skills they have learnt at College. Towards the end of this session the University of Zimbabwe Teacher Education Department assesses students. 

Academic and Practical Subjects


  • ChiShona

Students to study Shona linguistic issues such as phonics, phonology and grammar. They are also exposed to literature and practical criticism. A good pass in Chishona at O’ level is a must. A’ level Chishona is an added advantage.

  • Enviromental Science

These are aspects of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics  of the environment that are to be explored. A good pass in Integrated Science or in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at either O’ or A’ level is required.

  • Home Economics

Students study nutrition or fashion issues and home management. A good pass in Fashion and Fabrics, Food and Nutrition studies and/ or Sciences at O level is a requirement.

  • Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationships. Logistic, social, physical, symbolic and analytical skills are acquired. One is prepared for further studies and ‘shaped’ into a resource person. For eligibility to study the subject one has to have the potential, interest and a good pass.

  • Social Studies

Students explore social interactions in local, regional, and international communities.

At least a good pass in Geography and History at O level.

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