List of Internships in South Africa Opening in 2025/2026

List of Internships in South Africa Opening in 2025/2026

Latest List of Internships in South Africa Opening in 2025/2026. You are welcome once again to the Internship page of ZwiFinder. Here, you will find everything you need to know about getting an Internship in South Africa and most importantly find out a List of Internships in South Africa Opening in 2025/2026.

We have categorized the available List of Internships in South Africa Opening in 2025/2026 into the following:

List of South Africa Government Department Internships 2025/2026

List of South Africa Companies Offering Internships in 2025/2026

List of Internships for Specific Fields Opening in 2025/2026

Answers to Some Basic Question on Internships in South Africa

What is an Internship?

An internship is a process in which a student or trainee works in an institution or organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. In this case, an Internship can also be defined as a professional learning experience under an introductory position.

There are two categories of interns.

A graduate intern is a person who has completed a qualification but has been unemployed and needs workplace exposure to enhance chances of future employment.

A student intern is someone who is enrolled at a tertiary education institution for a SAQA registered qualification and is required to obtain practical experience as part of their study programme.

What are the Benefits of Internships in South Africa?

The benefits of an internship come in different forms. Many students and graduates enjoy different and personal benefits from internships. We have sorted below five common benefits of internships and they are:

  • Real World Working Experience: Internship is one of the best avenues to acquire professional experience. Most of the lessons thought in schools are purely theory and facts. There are limited or no career courses in schools. So when students are enrolled on internship programmes, they get the opportunity to learn under professionals.
  • Valuable Mentorship: Students are assigned to mentors during internship programmes. The main function of the mentors includes aid in training, advising, and helping a student with the worksite culture. Interns are supposed to collaborate with field instructors from whom they can gain knowledge.
  • Professional Networking: Establishing a professional relationship and personal connection with the mentors and colleagues will give you a chance to ask for practical guidance and input. By interacting with professionals you gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment.
  • Time Management: Internship programmes train interns to become masters of time management. Managing time is essential in professional fields. Interns learn how to be swift in their delivery of duties.
  • References and Recommendations: Internship programmes help students and graduates to strengthen their CVs.

What Qualifies you for an Internship?

The beneficiaries of internships are the youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years who have not yet entered employment or who are unemployed. Applicants for internship opportunities must be South African citizens who live in South Africa and should be fluent in English. Generally, internships are linked to fields of study and occupations, such as Human Resource Administrator, Industrial Engineer, Client Support Consultant and Pharmacist, and many other occupations.

How can I Apply for Internships?

Different Internships requires different methods of application. We have provided in our writings the application procedure for each internship programme.

Which Internship Is Best for Students

We have published incredible internship programmes which are opening in 2025/2026. See List of Internships in South Africa Opening in 2025/2026.

What is the Age limit for an Internship?

The age limit for an internship is 18 to 35 years.

How Many Hours is an Internship

In some organisations, interns may close earlier than the staff. While in some organisations too, both staff and interns close at the same time.

Are Interns Employees in South Africa?

No. Interns are not employees. They are simply students or graduates learning under professionals.

Which Companies are Best for Internship in South Africa?

See the List of South Africa Companies Offering Internships in 2025/2026

Do Interns get Paid in South Africa?

Normally, interns are not paid for their services but some organisations sometimes reward interns with stipends.

Do Interns Get Leave in South Africa?


How Do You Terminate an Internship?

Write to the administration of the organisation explaining to them the reasons why you wish to terminate your internship.