Jailbreaking the PS3 (How To Join  Jailbreak PS3)

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Jailbreaking the PS3 (How To Join  Jailbreak PS3)

  1. Plug the USB flash drive into your PS3. You’ll typically find USB ports on the front or back of your PS3.
  2. Turn on your PS3. Press the “Power” button on both the PS3 and on a connected controller, or press and hold the connected controller’s PS button.
  3. Select Settings and press X. You’ll find this briefcase-shaped icon at the top of the screen, though you may have to scroll left to select it.
  4. Select System Update and press X. Doing so opens the PS3 Update menu.
  5. Select Update via Storage Media and press X. This will prompt the PS3 to scan for attached USB drives.
  6. Select OK and press X. Once your PS3 finds the attached drive, it will prompt you to update; selecting OK on this message starts the update process.
  7. Scroll down to select Update and press X. Doing so agrees to the terms of use and begins installing the jailbreak file onto your PS3.
    • You may have to press X one more time before the PS3 will update.
  8. Wait for the PS3 to finish updating. Once the update is complete, your PS3 is officially jailbroken.
    • You may need to turn back on your PS3 after the jailbreak commences to let it complete.


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