IPRC Ngoma Courses for 2024-2025

IPRC Ngoma Courses for 2024-2025

The IPRC Ngoma Courses for 2024-2025. Courses offered at Institute of Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Ngoma (IPRC-Ngoma)

Find all the Courses offered at IPRC Ngoma. Browse through the list we have provided below for all the courses including; short Courses, Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses offered at IPRC Ngoma.

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IPRC Ngoma offers a number of various course. Below are IPRC Ngoma Courses offered

IPRC Ngoma General Courses for 2024-2025


The Department of General Courses offers crosscutting courses throughout all other departments. It delivers courses which enable students to acquire all necessary skills that help them to afford and understand technical courses and equip them with soft skills.

The educational thinking which constitutes the foundations of all the educational planning, structures and activities of the General Courses Department is the whole-student nurturing and development. Educational opportunities offered to every student in his/her singularity to cater for his/her full potential.


In line with the educational philosophy of the country, vision and mission of Rwanda Polytecnic, the department of General Courses at IPRC-Ngoma provides students in all departments with different courses in various domains namely Mathematics, Sciences (physics, chemistry), entrepreneurship, languages and Communication Skills which will enable students to effectively integrate the workplace and the job market in general after studies in IPRC-Ngoma.


With respect to the technical trades offered in IPRC Ngoma, modules of Mathematics have been designed as to meet the requirements of different trades. In this regard, modules taught in the field of Mathematics at different levels include:

  1. Apply Fundamentals Engineering mathematics
  2. Apply Engineering Mathematics
  3. Surveying Mathematics
  4. Discrete Mathematics


An understanding of sciences is crucial to the apprenticeship of technical skills which must be covered by every student in IPRC-Ngoma. The following are scientific modules taught:

For Physics related courses:

  • Apply Physics fundamentals
  •  Geometric optics, oscillation and waves

For   Chemistry modules

  • Apply Basic Chemistry

These modules are taught mainly in the first year and aim to empower students with scientific thinking which will enable them to acquire ability of creativity.


The objectives of these trainings are:

  • To get improved verbal presentation and analytical research skills.
  • To use logic and critical thinking skills to discuss a variety of scientific and technological topics with peers.
  • To become aware of issues and concerns of new businesses in emerging technologies

The target in this option is promoting students’ communicative competences and teaching languages including Ikinyarwanda of different levels. Some of them are the following:

  • Ikinyarwanda cy’umukangurambaga
  • Ikinyarwanda cy’umunyamwuga and
  • Ikinyarwanda cy’umutoza; English,
  • French and Kiswahili whereby language for communication is leaned as well as professional language to enhance and support workplace communication skills in our students.
  • Soft skills for better communication skills are also covered in IPRC-Ngoma through the Department of General Courses for the following outcomes:


The overall end of the General Courses Department is to implement technical and vocational training courses at all level focusing on knowledge, technical and entrepreneurial skills for school leavers. It is in this regard entrepreneurship is taught to enable students to acquire entrepreneurial skills which will permit them to be job creators rather than being job seekers.


Holistic/All-round and learner-centered, highly participative and life-skills driven through the Competence-Based Training (CBT) approach


  • Integrated Assessment which entails the cognitive aspect and the affective features of learning constitutes the guide for our assessment and evaluation which extends far beyond school grades alone. The overall target is to maximize the shaping well combined students’ academic and intellectual, social and emotional traits.
  • The driving force for assessment and evaluation is enhancing the learner’s self confidence for improvement through non-threatening evaluation systems and constructive feedback.

IPRC Ngoma Hospitality Management Courses for 2024-2025

  • Advanced Diploma in hospitality management with food and beverage management
  • Advanced Diploma in hospitality management with Rooms division management
  • Diploma in Culinary arts

Institute of Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Ngoma Civil Engineering Courses for 2024-2025

  • Advanced Diploma of Construction Technology
  • Advanced Diploma of Land Surveying

Institute of Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Ngoma Mechanical Engineering Courses for 2024-2025

  • Advanced Diploma in Automobile Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Manufacturing Technology

IPRC Ngoma Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Courses for 2024-2025

  • Advanced Diploma in Information Technology