IPRC Ngoma Announcement for 2024

IPRC Ngoma Announcement for 2024

IPRC Ngoma Announcement 2024/2025 – Read More of IPRC Ngoma Latest Announcement 2024

IPRC Ngoma Background


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The Technical Secondary School (former ETO Kibungo) was established in 1989 by the Government of Rwanda supported by the World Bank in terms of equipments and infrastructures. The first group of 160 students was admitted in the school year 1989/1990. The school was offering technical training courses of three years leading to ordinary level (A3) in general mechanics, carpentry, construction, electricity and automobile mechanics.

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During the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, the school stopped its activities because of the war. There was destruction of infrastructure and plundering of equipments, tools and teaching materials.On 23rd October 1995 classes resumed with the support of “GTZ/ETO-MINEDUC” project.

In the school year 2002-2003, the Advanced Level (A2) was introduced in ETO Kibungo in General mechanics, Electricity, Construction and Automobile mechanics.

In 2012 ETO Kibungo was providing trainings in following trades: General Mechanics, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Carpentry, Electricity, Construction, Computer Science, and Engine Mechanics that was offered in the Vocational Training Center (VTC )

In November 2012 Kibungo Technical Secondary School has been upgraded to an Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC) in Eastern Province by the Government of Rwanda. The IPRC was comprised of three constituent campuses; a Vocational Training Centre (VTC), a Technical Secondary School (TSS) and a college of technology. Furthermore, it acted as WDA’s base for supervision, implementation and coordination of technical education and vocational training courses and TVET activities in Eastern province.

In 2017, all IPRCs and other public polytechnics were merged to form one higher learning institution. Rwanda Government established Rwanda Polytechnic Higher Learning Institution (RP) by the law N° 22/2017 of 30/05/2017. The law determined the mission, powers, organization and functioning of RP.

RP currently has eight constituent colleges named Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges (IPRCs), including IPRC Ngoma.

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