IPRC Gishari Faculties

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IPRC Gishari Faculties

 IPRC Gishari Faculties – See Details of Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (IPRC Gishari) Faculties

The University Faculties are group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge. Check out the various Faculties at IPRC Gishari.  See Also: Gishari Integrated Polytechnic Admission.

IPRC Gishari Agricultural Engineering Faculty

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The Department of Agricultural Engineering is among the departments operating in IPRC Gishari. Considering the mission and the vision of the IPRC Gishari, the aim of this department is to produce market oriented technicians with competitive knowledge and skills. In fact, we produce agricultural technicians who are talented to find out the solutions of the existing problems, but also who create innovations that can shape the future Rwandan agriculture. The department has highly qualified teaching staff, equipment and infrastructures.

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  • To develop trained and skilled young Rwandans in different Agriculture trades in order to cater to the needs of the agriculture Sector in the country.
  • To provide massive and progressive trainings, research, innovations and outreach services to Rwandan farmers and farming cooperatives in order to increase their farming productivity and eventually increase the country’s agriculture produce.
  • Provision of consultation services, technical support and professional advice in various agricultural field especially in the field of food crop in order to ensure sufficient food production for the country’s needs.
  • Provide guidance and technical support on different Government Agriculture programs such as crop selection criteria, proper use of fertilizers protection program/integrated pest management (IPM).

IPRC Gishari Civil Engineering Faculty

This is one of the three academic departments within IPRC Gishari. The department has qualified staff that graduated from well-known universities in the country and abroad. The general objective of Civil Engineering Department is to produce competent technicians who have good mastery of the necessary theory and practice for immediate productive value to the civil engineering industry in Rwanda and beyond.

Currently, the department offers a three years training in the option of Construction Technology (CT). The department is equipped with Modern Surveying Equipment that strengthens practices. In addition, it has three well equipped workshops namely Masonry, Carpentry and Plumbing workshops for practical skills related to civil engineering works.

IPRC Gishari Mechanical Engineering and Auto mobile Technology Faculty

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is among the departments operating in IPRC Gishari. It is a part of Advanced Diploma Programmes among others. From the academic year 2015/2016, the department was introduced with one option of Automobile Technology which takes three years. The department has highly qualified teaching staff, equipment and infrastructures. Continuing Education programs and customized training/workshops are being organized for industry personnel on regular basis.

Students of the department are actively involved in various extracurricular activities and extension activities. Various mini projects are prepared and presented by students with the aim of developing the spirit of innovation. It is this context that one student from this department, GAKWAYA Samuel, participated in a Competition organized by the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) which took place in Morocco and emerged the second in the competition with his project entitled “Extraction of banana fiber”. This project is about producing affordable sanitary pads.

IPRC Gishari Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty

The aim of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department in IPRC Gishari is to equip learners/trainees with hands on skills required at labor market and to fix performance deficiency as it can be requested by client.

The department encompasses two Advanced Diploma options:

  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Technology.

Facilities and staff

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has highly trained and qualified staff complemented by well-equipped laboratories and workshops. There are also computer facilities within the department in addition to the institution computer rooms.

The department has the following laboratories and workshops:

  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electronic Workshop.
  • Pneumatic lab
  • Electronic Lab
  • Computer lab

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