Increasing Your Chances with Diet and Supplements (How To Have Twins)

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Increasing Your Chances with Diet and Supplements (How To Have Twins)

  1. Up your intake of folic acid before you conceive. It’s recommended that all women take folic acid both before they begin trying to get pregnant and during their pregnancies. Some studies have also found that taking folic acid before you’ve conceived can increase your chances of having twins. When taking a folic acid supplement, don’t take more than the recommended daily amount (usually one pill per day).

    • If you want to add more folic acid from natural sources, eat foods like spinach, asparagus, fortified grains and cereals, broccoli, and citrus fruits.
  2. Eat and drink hormone-enriched dairy products. Drinking milk and eating other dairy products that contain hormones may increase your body’s production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF). This can, in turn, up your body’s production of the hormones behind ovulation. This means skipping the organic products!
    • Be aware that some medical researchers are looking into a possible connection between the hormones in dairy products and other health problems (including cancer).
    • Having higher levels of these reproductive hormones may encourage your body to release more than 1 egg during ovulation.
  3. Add yams to your meal plans. Researchers have found that women in Nigeria have a higher chance of having twins than women in other parts of the world. One possible explanation for this variation is the prevalence of yams in these women’s diets, although there’s no solid medical evidence backing this up. As a result, you should be aware that you could eat yams every day and still not have twins. Regardless, you can incorporate this sweet potato-like food into your diet with lots of fun recipes, including ones for:
    • Baked or mashed yams
    • Yam cookies or brownies
    • Yam fries
    • Candied yams
    • Yam and kale or spinach salads
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