Gishari Police Training School Updates and Intakes

Gishari Police Training School Updates and Intakes

The Gishari Police Training School. Find the Gishari Police Training School Updates and Intakes on this page.

The Police Training School (PTS) in Gishari, Rwamagana District is one of the three schools established by the Rwanda National Police in its pursuit to build capacity of   personnel with required knowledge and skills in line with the modern policing demands.

In 1995 the school started as Communal Police Training’ centre and later in 2000, when the Rwanda National Police was established, it was upgrade to a Police Training School as RNP embarked on capacity building through training as a major tool for contemporary policing .

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Since then, PTS has grown into a training centre, not only for Rwandans but also for officers from the Region and the continent as it strives to become a centre of excellence.

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According to Chief Supt. Celestin Twahirwa, the RNP spokesperson, a total of 21, 186 recruits (ten intakes) including the former communal police and 927 cadets (two intakes) have graduated from PTS since 1995.

“PTS has a clear vision of becoming a centre excellence in policing  through professional training for the good of all Rwandans, the region and beyond. It invests quality skills and knowledge to trainees as an investment for better performance,” said CSP Twahirwa.

“RNP has the mandate to safeguard the rule of law and provide a crime-free environment for all, and this can be only be attained through training,” he noted.

The school now shelters Cadet and Basic Police Course wings, Peace Support pre-deployment Training Centre, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP)  as well as police Logistics school, it also conducts other specialized courses in areas of criminal investigation, gender based violence and road traffic, refresher courses among others. It also hosts one of the 12 health centres established by RNP in various parts of the country as part of its initiatives to participate in social development and human security  in general.

GIP, on the other hand offers diploma and other vocational training programmes to both Police officers and civilians in plumbing, electricity, construction, ICT, mechanical engineering, among others.

Currently, GIP has a population of 502 students with 353 of them pursuing diploma course while 149 others are under vocational training.

Other than academic and training programmes, the school also has a motor vehicle inspection services and serves owners of vehicles in the eastern region.

“The school will effective this academic year introduce more diploma and vocational courses like mechanical engineering, agricultural mechanization and carpentry,” he said.

The Peace Support Pre-deployment centre, on its part gives peacekeeping skills to both police officers and civilians from Rwanda and beyond, as per the UN standards. To date ,Police officers from 13 countries in the region have so far attained peacekeeping courses at the centre.