DPSA Operations Management Framework OMF

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DPSA Operations Management Framework OMF

DPSA Operations Management Framework OMF – DPSA OMF

Operations Management Framework (OMF)

The DPSA created a web-enabled platform where all institutions will be able to share knowledge with regard to all matters on operations management. The web-enabled system was developed in order to ensure efficient and effective roll-out of the OMF.

There are currently four functionalities of the web enabled system:

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  • A platform for easy accessible documents related to the OMF (guides, toolkits and videos)
  • Server space to allow user departments to upload their OMF documents
  • A discussion forum on issues pertaining to OMF
  • DPSA is able to monitor the status of implementation of the OMF and report accordingly.

Please provide us with a nomination of one principal user who should have a departmental mandate to upload approved documents onto the OMF web enabled system. Documents that are uploaded will only be seen by DPSA, who will in turn quality assure the document. Once the submitting department has given DPSA approval for sharing, documents will be shared with other departments as a best practice.

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Departments are also invited to register as many sub-users as necessary. Sub-users will be able to view the OMF guides and toolkits, participate in discussion forums and receive OMF related news.

In order to register on the OMF platform, please provide us with the name, surname, email and contact details of the nominations and indicate if the nominee is a principal user or and sub user.

For more information on the Operations Management Framework (OMF) or to register please contact:



Presentations: 19 September ICT BPM Conference

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Videos (In mp4 format)

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