DPSA Interview Questions -What to Expect

DPSA Interview Questions – What to Expect

DPSA Interview Questions – Interview Questions -What to expect. The DPSA is one of South African’s biggest employers and as such is able to supply an unparalleled selection of job opportunities.

It is a good idea to go through these and prepare your answers well in advance.  If you are not sure how to answer these questions, research the internet as new trends and ideas occur all the time. See Also: DPSA Circular     <<Apply Now

We have listed for you questions that we have seen repeated time and time again, research the internet now for answers in order to prepare yourself. See Also: DPSA Circular for Cities and Towns Vacancies

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1. Why are you looking for a new job?

2. What would your ideal job be?

3. What are your current responsibilities within your current position?

4. What are the biggest challenges within your current position?

5. How did you manage to overcome these challenges?

6. What was your starting salary at your current position and what is your exit salary?

7. What is your greatest strength?

8. What is your greatest weakness?

9. Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?

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DPSA Adverts

e-Job System

DPSA e-Recruitment System

10. What has been your biggest accomplishment at your present employment?

11. What is your life’s biggest accomplishment?

12. What is your measure of success?

13. Why would you like to work for our company?

14. What can you offer our company?

15. Why do you think you are the right fit for our company?

16. Are you currently studying or do you intend to study further?

17. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

18. What type of management style do you respond to?

19. How do you get on with your colleagues?

20. Why do you think I should employ you?

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