DPSA ICT Governance Framework PDF

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DPSA ICT Governance Framework PDF

DPSA ICT Governance Framework PDF

Value of the use of ICT in service delivery

  • Improved operational integrity – ICT enables business operation whilst enhancing confidentiality, integrity and availability of information (right time, place, format and context)
  • Improved service delivery – ICT contributes to the continuous improvement of service delivery in terms of economy, efficiency, effectiveness, equity and business and environmental sustainability
  • Improved state and citizen security – ICT ensures that unlawful access to information and systems is prevented, detected and responded to See Also: DPSA Circular     <<Apply Now
  • Improved reporting – enables the business to measure the achievement of its objectives

Creating Enabling Environment

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Policy Environment:

CGICT Policy/Framework:

Departmental CGICT Policy

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DPSA Application form

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e-Job System

DPSA e-Recruitment System

CGICT Charter:

How policy will be implemented:

ICT Strategic Committee

ICT Steering Committee

ICT Operational Committee

Role of Business

Role of GITO

Foundation of the Framework:


Accountability at EA & HoD & Executive Management – level


Cascade for implementation of principles

Dept Executive Management:

  • Determine prioritised strategy
  • Consider major ICT expenditure and risks
  • Monitor achievements of ICT versus departmental requirements

ICT Operational Committee:

  • Monitor day-to-day management
  • Monitor operational ICT and service levels
  • Monitor roll out of projects

Dept Business Management:

  • Conceptualise strategy for approval
  • Oversee/monitor implementation
  • Report on major ICT expenditure, risk protection of information
  • Consider availability/reliability of information systems and infrastructure

Support and line function management:

  • Conceptualise use of ICT in service delivery and its requirements/service levels
  • Determine information protection requirements
  • Lead business change in implementation of information systems
  • Monitor whether value is realised

GITO and office of the GITO:

  • Research technology and advise business
  • Lead technical change of implementation of information systems and infrastructure
  • Provide information systems technology, infrastructure and operations
  • Conceptualise plan for information systems and infrastructure renewal, modernisation, updates, replacements and operations

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