DPSA Public Service Grievance Form

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DPSA Public Service Grievance Form

DPSA Grievance Form – Grievance form for lodging a grievance directly with the Public Service Commission by Heads of Department


This form must be used by a Head of Department to lodge a grievance directly with the Public Service Commission (PSC) regarding an official act or omission (excluding an alleged unfair dismissal and/or the outcome of a performance evaluation). Please note that the form is used if you have been unable to resolve a dissatisfaction through informal discussion.

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  1. You have to lodge your grievance within 90 days from the date on which you became aware of the official act or omission which adversely affects you.
  2. Please attach all relevant documentation, including proof of all steps taken to resolve the grievance, to this form to enable the PSC to consider the grievance(s).
  3. Proof must be submitted that the completed Grievance Form has been copied to the relevant Executive Authority. For this reason, the Executive Authority is required to sign acknowledgement of receipt on the Grievance Form in the space provided on page 3.
  4. Please note that comments of the Executive Authority on a grievance received from the HoD, will be requested by the PSC on receipt of a grievance.
  5. If you decide to withdraw a grievance lodged with the PSC at any stage of the procedure, orif a settlement agreement is reached before the finalization of the investigation by the PSC, you must submit a dated, signed statement clearly stating that you are withdrawing the grievance. Such a withdrawal terminates the grievance process.

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