DPSA Human Resource Strategic Framework

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DPSA Human Resource Strategic Framework

DPSA Human Resource Strategic Framework – Background

This document has been developed in response to a need identified by the government for a systematic and credible approach to human resource (HR) planning in the public service. Although the public service has made substantial gains in improving service delivery and improving its workforce, a survey of HR plans, conducted by the dpsa in 2006, revealed that more effort was required to meet new challenges over the next six years. See Also: DPSA Circular     <<Apply Now

The Public Service Human Resource Planning Strategic Framework (the Framework) aims to help the public service to better respond to, and deliver on, its vital role in achieving both economic and social goals for South Africa. Human resource planning is an essential component for the effective performance of the public service, because it links strategic planning, programme management, human resources, and budgeting decisions. It identifies the characteristics and competencies needed in people to achieve desired outcomes, and it facilitates the availability of these competencies to the workforce when and where required. Therefore, the Framework seeks to build on the existing strengths of the workforce, and to enhance the development of a highly professional and expert workforce for the public service, now and in the future.

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7.2 Purpose of the Strategic Framework

The purpose of the Framework is to provide both guidance for, and a holistic approach to, HR planning in the public service. The Framework identifies the key areas of policy and practice that are considered to be vital for creating an integrated strategic approach to HR planning that will facilitate the development and implementation of strategies, tools, and interventions to achieve departmental strategic objectives and Government’s Programme of Action.

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This is to ensure that employers are able to manage the supply and demand dynamic, with employees that are highly skilled and ready to seize opportunities for ongoing personal and career development. It will also enable departments to adapt to new roles that will develop as the nature and demands of service delivery provision changes over time.

7.3 Objectives of the Strategic Framework

  • The objectives of this Strategic Framework are to:
  • Assist departments in understanding their roles
  • and responsibilities with regard to the development and implementation of their HR plans;
  • Assist departments in understanding the linkage between departmental strategic objectives and human resource planning; and
  • Serve as a service delivery model for departments to adopt during their HR planning processes.

The HR planning component’s vision is set out in the Framework, and the Framework explains the component’s role in providing a conceptual platform for HR planning in the public service. It also shows how HR planning interacts, through its cluster model, with other departments in order to achieve macro HR planning outcomes.

7.4 Contents of the Framework

The Framework provides a comprehensive view of the nature and scope of HR planning in the public service. It starts with a short context-setting (sections 1 to 11), where after it progresses to provide information on how HR planning will be pursued in future. This includes discussions on the following areas:

  • The dpsa’s regulatory framework
  • A definition of HR planning
  • A review of compliance with HR planning and organisation
  • A Public Service Human Resource Conceptual Framework
  • The HR Planning Strategic Framework
  • HR Planning Legislative and Regulatory Framework
  • Rationale for HR planning strategic thrusts
  • Core HR planning principles
  • Six objectives underpinning HR planning
  • Programme performance
  • HR planning process methodology
  • Outline of content structure of the HR Planning Strategy
  • Strategic objectives
  • HR planning priorities
  • Timelines for Vision 2015

7.5 Key sections of the Framework The key sections of the Framework are briefly discussed below.

7.6 The Legislative and Regulatory Framework 

This section provides an overview of the Legislative and Regulatory Framework and explains where the HR planning mandate is derived from. It includes related policy frameworks and government priorities. Relevant documentation is categorised into the following six categories:

  • Legal framework for HR planning in the public service
  • Strategic frameworks for HR planning in the public service
  • Economic and social policy framework and programmes
  • Developmental programmes
  • dpsa programmes & policy frameworks
  • dpsa HRP policy frameworks.

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