DPSA e-Recruitment System

DPSA e-Recruitment System

DPSA e-Recruitment System – See Details of DPSA e-Recruitment System, Government launches e-Recruitment system See Also: DPSA Circular     <<Apply Now

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) has officially launched government’s e-Recruitment system, which enables job seekers to apply for positions in the public service through an online platform.

The system was launched by Public Service and Administration Minister Ayanda Dlodlo, in Pretoria, on Wednesday, and was accompanied by a live demonstration of the system.

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The new e-Recruitment system is Web-based and accessible from different locations for all job seekers.

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Currently, the e-Recruitment system or applications through the digital Z83 system are being phased-in, beginning with the departments of Labour, Higher Education and Training and Public Service and Administration, as well as the Office of the Public Service Commission, the National School of Government and the Centre for Public Service Innovation, with the process expected to be completed by March 31, 2024.

Government will then roll out the system to the rest of the public service from April 1, 2024.

Users of the system will be required to create a profile using their identity number as a username, as this is both unique and verified.

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DPSA e-Recruitment System

They can then view available positions in the public service, including a list of requirements and a job description; and can apply for relevant positions.

Applicants will submit applications to a centralised database. This will enable them to post their curriculum vitae and supporting documents once, thereby negating the effort and cost of making multiple copies for applications.

The process will also include a review of regulations for all entry-level posts in the public service, to allow for the recruitment of new entrants without prior experience into entry-level jobs.

Notably, the government will still accept applications for jobs in the public service through the physical Z83 forms, to accommodate those who do not have access to the Internet.

“The e-Recruitment system is [the] beginning of a process to introduce a paperless administration across the public service. Last month, I directed the DPSA to introduce a digital Z83 application form as an additional platform for job seekers in the public service,” said Dlodlo.

Moreover, she noted that the decision to create a digital Z83 form is a direct response to job-seekers in South Africa, who, across various platforms, including social media, have informed government that the Z83 application process is cumbersome and unaffordable.

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