Catholic University of Zimbabwe MBA Program

Catholic University of Zimbabwe MBA Program

Catholic University of Zimbabwe MBA Program – See Details of Catholic University of Zimbabwe MBA Program

Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship – See Also: Catholic University of Zimbabwe Intake

CUZ is moving with the global vision to develop employers and business owners who are incubated through a world class coaching. The program targets candidates from all fields, who will experience a practical assessment in their learning, exchanging ideas and knowledge with reputable captains of industry and global business consultants. The MBA is first of its kind in the Southern African region and it is through the Catholic University of Zimbabwe that the program will grow to be known in the region and beyond. The program is moving with the national vision for Industrialisation and Sustainable Development as its mandate is to also develop the youths and women to form and run own businesses. We invite all potential candidates across the world for an exciting and self-empowering qualification.

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Candidates must be strongly oriented to being an entrepreneur. Specifically, prospective applicants must have:
  1. Business Project (either an existing company or a Start-UP, profit or non-profit) with strong social/environmental impact;
  2. A University degree or an equivalent qualification; English Proficiency; Computer and internet literacy; Regular access to IT resources.
  3. Candidates without a Bachelor’s degree but extensive business experience and a strong business idea, may be admitted to the MBA under exceptional circumstances.



The Academic year is divided into 2 Levels (Year 1 and Year 2).

The following is a list of courses that are on offer in the Academic year.


Level 1 Semester 1 Courses

GMBA101Business Model Design & Creativity
GMBA102Human Resources Management
GMBA103Management/Basic Accounting
GMBA104Entrepreneurial Marketing & Market Analysis
GMBA105Social Impact Measurement
GMBA106Financial Planning & Reporting
GMBA107Entrepreneurial Business Ethics


Level 1 Semester 2 Courses

GMBA108Business Strategy and Scaling
GMBA109Business Planning and Structuring for Entrepreneurs
GMBA110Operations & Project Management
GMBA112Cooperate Governance & Legal Issues
GMBA113Business Law & Taxation


Level 2 Semester 3 Courses

GMBA115Principles of Corporate Finance
GMBA116Change Management for Business Growth
GMBA117Entrepreneurial Finance
GMBA118Organisational Behaviour for Growing business
GMBA119Business Communication
GMBA120Business Research Methods & Statistics


Any One of the following electives

GMBA121 International Marketing
GMBA122 Industrial Organisation
GMBA123 Managerial economics
GMBA124 E-Commerce
GMBA125 Industrial Relations
GMBA126 Public Sector Management


Level 4


Catholic University of Zimbabwe MBA Fees

The Fees Structure for MBA, MPhil and DPhil are as follows

  • Application Fees $50
  •  Tuition and levies$1000

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