Bindura University Hostels Vacancy 2024/2025

Bindura University Hostels Vacancy 2024/2025

Bindura University Hostels Vacancy 2024/2025 – Details of Bindura University (BUSE) Hostels Vacancy 2024/2025

Bindura University Accommodation – Bindura University Hostels

While there is a high demand for places in University student residences, efforts are made to ensure that international students are accommodated on campus. Alternatively, the University provides help, in an advisory role, in securing private accommodation for international students who would have failed to be accommodated in University residences. BUSE Intake

International students are normally accommodated in the University students’ halls of residence together with the local students. The arrangement gives the international and local students the opportunity to know each other and make friends. Most of the student halls of residence are situated on campus. In addition to the halls, there are self-contained and self-catering apartments reserved for especially international postgraduate students. Each of the apartments comprises a bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The provision of board and lodging is a self-supporting service and prospective students must ensure that they have adequate funds available to pay for the fees due in this regard. In the halls of residence, meals are provided in a dining hall at very reasonable prices. Students accommodated in self-catering apartments may, if they wish, have meals in the nearby dining halls.

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The University provides basic furniture in the rooms and public areas in each residence/apartment or flat but students have to provide their own bedding and toiletries.

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Boarding Houses – (Bindura University Hostels Vacancy 2024/2025)

Boarding houses for non-resident students for the semester as detailed below

Light Industry

1FATCHG TRUST 5808 Athurstone Rd Light IndustryMr Choga Joseph0775 789 77326F$250/semester
22155 CHAMINUKA St Light IndustryMr Madzivadondo James0775 846 40814Both$200/semester
32139 CHAMINUKA St Light IndusrtyMr Mutonhori Saviours0773 062 78022Both$250/semester
42157 Chaminuka St Light IndustryMr F Chamba0772354941/07726269008Both$250/semester
52100 Chaminuka Street Light IndustryMrs Rangarira7779674785Both
65806 Athurstone Road Light industryMr M Nyazema0772 715 86820Both$40/semester
72115 Athurstone Rd Light IndustryMr Chidavaenzi0774 533 60025 ZRP onlyMZRP PAYS
884 Dipdale Plot Trojan RdMr B Nyawasha77797702060Both$320/semester
9832 Mash- Winders (Heavy Industry) Trojan RdMs Zhuwawo F0773 244 978/0772 4122719M$60/month
10827 Trojan Rd (PaDandaro)Mrs Dandaro0773 115 38215Both$270/semester
11460 Luton Rd Off Trojan Rd (Bindura Engineering)Mr Kasoro V0783 332 78025Both$270/semester

Shashi View – Bindura University Hostels

Hagalthorne Avenue ShashiMrs Rusike Ruth Falala0772 721 91725Both$70-$100/month
Coventry Rd Near Hospital Shashi ViewMrs Mandioma E73482332323F$75/month
Malula Crescent Shashi ViewMr Kuleya77292015242FTBA
Tumazos Road Near ZRP Shashi ViewMr Nyakuridyisa0772 428 4674F$80/month
Cactus Road Shashi ViewMrs Mupoperi775 648 26611Both$85/month
Wattle Crescent White House Shashi ViewMrs Ngoshi0773979745/077240497624Both$75/month
Wattle Crescent Shashi ViewMrs Hove P0774 149 520/078289464115F$300/semester
WATTLE CRESCENT SHASHI VIEWMr S Sekerere0782 305 63135Both$250-$275/semester
SHASHI RED ROOF SHASHI VIEWMr T Mututuvari0773870106/077275711812M$300/semester
Blackwood Avenue Shashi ViewMr Mukungurutse0772 737 91515BothTBA
Blackwood Avenue Shashi ViewMrs Madombwe0775 790 73210BothTBA
Blackwood Avenue Shashi ViewMrs Nyakudya0772 787 518       0779 74732822FTBA
Blackwood Avenue shashiMrs Mucheche77274699630BothTBA
Blackwood Avenue shashiMr E Baru0779 182 29822Both300/semester
Shashi ViewAdmire0777 052 84623Both$70/month
SHASHI VIEWMrs S Kambarami77235585616F$420/semester Laundry & Meals
Oak St Shashi ViewMr L Sithole77275793811F$300-00/semester
 Shashi ViewMs A Chiripamberi7729044214M$50/month
Greenheart Lane Shashi viewMr FD Gondongwe77463179250Both300/semester
Wingpod Close Shashi ViewMrs June77230971020F$300/semester
Hay Rd East shashiMr Godwell Chikazhe77210775017Both$65/month
Waterbury shashiMr D Mposhi77226688814Both$85/month
Waterberry shashiMrs A Usada7723972004F$280/semester
centenary Avenue shashiMrs P. M. Muhita7724293616F$70/month
Shashi View Near Shashi PryDr G Nyamadzawo0777 895 39512Both290/semester

Chiwaridzo – Bindura University Hostels

Mubveve St ChiwaridzoMakuwa D0775 050 2426F$60/month
ChiwaridzoMuzhanje L0777 807 3886Both$50/month
ChiwaridzoMr Zvapano0772 247 54510MTBA
Mutsonzowa St ChiwaridzoMr Mashatise0771 802 9746MTBA
Chiwaridzo Phase 2Mr T Chando0777 626 3276F$30/month
Chiwaridzo Phase 2Mr Gosa P0772 733 67915Both$200/semester
Chiwaridzo Phase 2Mrs Chimombe0772 584 8352FTBA
Chiwaridzo Phase 2Mr Nyamapfene0779 006 5579F$60/month
Chiwaridzo Phase 2Mrs P Nyakazaya0772 988 66615Both$50/month
Chiwaridzo Phase 2


Mr Manyati774 351 07615Both$50/month

Chipindura – Bindura University Hostels

Chipindura StandsMr Madamombe0773 011 51530Both$230/semester
Chipindura InfillMrs Chamboko0775 102 7756MConventional
Chipindura StandsMrs Muroiwa0776 283 164/077764152710Both$60/month
ChipinduraMrs R Chipungu7336107934Both$62/month
ChipinduraMrs L Masvaure7750948634Both$60/month
ChipinduraM Makuyana7722873122MTBA
ChipinduraMs E Chinjekure7822255584M$50/month
ChipinduraMrs G Mhindirira77974783113M$65/month
Chipindura StandsMr E Mpinga77660800810both$190/semester
ChipinduraMr T Nemhara7728069159M$60/month
ChipinduraMrs I Rugube7737530589M$60/month
ChipinduraMrs D C Chitumba71564496315F$250/semester
ChipinduraMr L Tambwari77237571716Both$300/semester

Aerodrome – Bindura University Hostels

Aerodrome InfillPastor Nhumbudzi0775 441 086/0772 913 9048Both$45/month
AerodromeMrs Kanyemba0775 612 0182M$50/month
AerodromeMrs Mapakame0772 414 88713FRESERVED
Nohwedza Chando AerodromeMr Kanhenga C0774 182 2962F$60/month
Benson Mangirazi AerodromeMrs Dandaro0773 115 3824F$270/semester
Magamba Way AerodromeMr P Gombera77293230225Both$230/semester

Clusters and Town Centre

ClustersMr Kokerai07740222248Both
Matombomanyoro Business Park (Town Cntre)Mrs Mupoperi0774 648 26624

For any queries relating to Off Campus Accommodation kindly contact Mr S. Mutambisi on +263 773 858 788

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