Applying the Extensions (How To Apply the Extensions When Fixing Weave)

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Applying the Extensions (How To Apply the Extensions When Fixing Weave)

  1. Apply the weft to your hair. Very carefully position the weft so that the glue is facing your hair. Starting half an inch from your side hairline, press the weft against your hair about 2 or 3 centimeters (0.8 or 1.2 in) below the part. Keep pressing the weft into your hair, little by little, until you reach the other side.
    • Be very careful not to apply it to your scalp. If the weft adheres to your scalp, it will inhibit hair growth and lead to bald spots there. It is very important to make sure the weft is applied a few centimeters below the part and attached only to your hair, not your skin.
    • Remember it must be applied half an inch from your side hairlines. If the weft is applied too close to your hairline, it will be visible.
  2. Let it dry. Wait about three minutes to let the extension completely dry once you’re finished applying it. Give it a tug to make sure it’s firmly in place. If part of the weft isn’t properly adhered to your hair, apply a little bonding glue and press it down until the entire weft is attached.
  3. Repeat the process two and a half inches above the first weft. Now that the first weft is in place, it’s time to apply the next one. Measure two and a half inches above the top of the first weft and make another U-shaped part around the back of the head. Secure the hair above the part, then follow the same process to measure, cut, and glue in the next weft:
    • Measure a new weft and cut it so either side falls half an inch from the side hairlines.
    • Apply glue to the weft in a straight line, then use the blow dryer to heat it slightly so it’s tacky, but not runny.
    • Apply the weft to your hair a few centimeters below the part, making sure it doesn’t touch your scalp.
  4. Finish applying wefts. Continue applying wefts every two and a half inches until you reach the top part, the rectangle you initially created. When you reach this top part, Measure, cut, and apply one final weft. This time the weft will extend from one side of your forehead around the crown of your head and up to the other side. Make sure it’s half an inch from your hairline on either side.
  5. Comb out your hair. When the wefts are all in place, take down the rectangle of hair that you secured at the top of your head. Use a comb to blend your own hair with the extensions. You are now free to style your hair as you normally would. You can also get a haircut to help blend the extensions even more.
  6. Remove the extensions when you’re ready. After several months, your extensions might naturally begin to come loose, and you’ll be ready to take them out. You can by removal cream designed for this purpose to take them out easily. Apply the cream around the bonded areas, let it sit for the amount of time indicated on the packaging, then use a comb to help the extensions come loose.
    • If you don’t want to buy the removal cream, try using olive oil. Apply the oil and let it soak in for 20 minutes, then use a comb to gently remove the wefts from your hair.
    • If the oil doesn’t work, you could also try peanut butter or dish soap to do the trick.
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