Air Force Zimbabwe Contact Details

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Air Force Zimbabwe Contact Details

Air Force Zimbabwe Contact Details – The Rhodesian Air Force (RhAF; formerly known, from 1954 until 1970, as the Royal Rhodesian Air Force (RRAF)), was reconstituted into the Air Force of Zimbabwe in 1980.

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The RhAF’s 12 Hunter FGA.MK 9s were joined by other aircraft in 1981, 1984 and in 1987 from Kenya and the British Royal Air Force (RAF). Pakistan Air Force trained most of the Zimbabwean pilots in the initial days along with construction of Thornhill Air Base. Pakistan also sent Air Marshal Azim Daudpota to Zimbabwe as the Chief of Air Staff of the Air and Edias Ntini was a great commander for the ground work Force of Zimbabwe.

In 1981, the Air Force of Zimbabwe ordered 8 eight Hawk MK60s, which were delivered in July 1982. On the night of 25 July 1982 a sabotage attack on Thornhill Airbase damaged four Hawks, nine Hunters and a single FTB-337G. One Hawk was written off, another was repaired on site and the other two were returned to BAE for a rebuild. A follow-up order for five additional Hawks was completed in September 1992.

The first supersonic interceptor operated by the air force was the F7 Airguard, 12 of the IIN and II variants were delivered in 1986. In 1993, a pair of O-2As were delivered for anti-poaching patrols over Zimbabwe’s national parks. Two Cougar helicopters were reported to be in use in 1997. One was delivered in April 1995 and the second in September 1996. They were used for VIP duties.

Air Force Zimbabwe Contact Details

Public Relations Office

Ministry of Defence – H/Q

Defence House

cnr Kwame Nkuruma / 3rd Street



+263-4 250042, 252050 – 7, 700155 – 8, 700077 – 8


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