ABSA South Africa Routing Number (Latest Update)

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ABSA South Africa Routing Number (Latest Update)

ABSA South Africa Routing Number. If you are searching for the ABSA South Africa Routing Number, this page is your solution.

Routing numbers are most commonly required when reordering checks, for payment of consumer bills, to establish a direct deposit (such as a paycheck), or for tax. Routing allows you permission to make and receive international payments.

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ABSA South Africa Routing Number

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Absa’s Branch code: 632005. Your account number. Your account name and address details are related to the account. Purpose of Payment.

How to make international payments

Streamline your international payments using our automated electronic Balance of Payment (BoP) form and document upload service.

If you have any challenges, see ABSA South Africa Contact Details

Our electronic services provide clear guidance on your local SARB FinSurv obligations and international regulation according to the latest standards.

A comprehensive range of services is available to manage your import payments, advance payments, third party payments or payments for services rendered to your foreign suppliers.

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Flexibility to optimally support your business process through our online and host-to-host channels.

Market-leading foreign exchange trading capabilities.

Tailor your payments using your resident or non-resident local currency or foreign currency account.

Manage your payment through the Absa group currency capabilities (40+) and reach virtually any destination.

How to receive international payments

What you need to know

Upon arrival in South Africa, each payment needs to be reported to the SARB with the relevant Balance of Payment (BoP) category.

  • To perform this task as efficiently as possible, we obtain the purpose of payment from you by:
  • Automatically allocating a Purpose of Payment through Standard Settlement Instructions. (SSI)*.
  • Enabling you to provide the Purpose of Payment and FX conditions through online channels.
  • Phoning and emailing confirmations through our dedicated Transactions Inbound Service (TRIS) team.

What your customer needs to know

Your suppliers or customers need to provide the following information to their bank to make payments into your account:

  • Absa’s Bank Identifier Code (BIC): ABSAZAJJ
  • Absa’s Branch code: 632005
  • Your account number
  • Your account name and the address details related to the account
  • Purpose of Payment

*SSI’s can be established for recurring payments to be credited to your South African (with or without automatic FX conversion) or your Foreign Currency Account. This saves valuable time and enables you to perform FX conversions on a net basis in case you have both receipts and payment obligations in foreign currencies. ABSA South Africa Routing Number (Latest Update).

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